How We Learn


We host learning opportunities that ensure children develop their self-confidence and self-awareness as well as their problem-solving and social skills. Literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills are developed through a play-based approach.

We enhance childhood development across all areas of learning in a fun and motivating way. We are privileged to have wonderful indoor and outdoor facilities, this enables us to plan a wide range of experiences including; Baking, Crafting, Yoga Tots and Forest School.

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Baking provides the opportunity to develop hand-eye coordination, strengthening hand and finger muscles, essential for dexterity and fine motor control. Following a recipe with words and pictures, promotes listening and sequencing skills.


Yoga Tots

Through yoga children learn self-control and gross motor control. They learn a range of motions, body awareness,  coordination and endurance. Yoga promotes sustained focus and attention in a relaxing and calming environment.



Crafting encourages children to be creative and innovative, to use their imaginations and to express themselves freely. It also helps to develop bilateral coordination and fine motor skills.


Forest School

Forest School provides the opportunity to learn through a natural, safe, stimulating environment. It provides the opportunity to use initiative: problem solve, collaborate and integrate with peers while working and learning in the outdoors together.

Experiencial Learning

Experiential learning is learning through exploring, discovering, relating to and interacting with the world around us. Experiential learning enables children to pursue their own areas of interest and to work through problems that may arise.

Imagine It! Curriculum

Imagine It! The IEYC is built around four Learning Strands that underpin all learning and development: Independence and Interdependence, Communicating, Enquiring, Health and Physical Well-Being.

Small-Group Setting

We believe in hosting small group sessions to optimise the value and experience for your child. Children aged 2.5 - 4 years of age work closely with experienced early years staff on a ratio of 1:6

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“Play is the highest form of research” 

Albert Einstein