Where Learning Begins!

Our aim is to enable children to reach their full potential and to develop a life long love of learning.

JFK Play School

We recognise that each child is unique; embarking on their own learning journey. We provide experiences that nurture their individual needs. We provide opportunities to discover and unfold each child’s personality, interests and talents.

The dynamic Play School environment instills positivity for learning and influences all areas of early childhood development.

Girls painting
Girls playing

Experiencial Learning

Experiential learning is learning through exploring, discovering, relating to and interacting with the world around us. Experiential learning enables children to pursue their own areas of interest and to work through problems that may arise.

Imagine It! Curriculum

Imagine It! The IEYC is built around four Learning Strands that underpin all learning and development: Independence and Interdependence, Communicating, Enquiring, Health and Physical Well-Being.

Small-Group Setting

We believe in hosting small group sessions to optimise the value and experience for your child. Children aged 2.5 - 4 years of age work closely with experienced early years staff on a ratio of 1:6

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“Play is the highest form of research” 

Albert Einstein